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Why Not Recommend Your Baby To Eat More Canned Food?
- Aug 16, 2018 -

With the fast pace of life and the lack of convenient and fast life, more and more canned foods appear in life and meet our needs. People used to think that canned food is not a good thing, adding these and those additives, but with the popularity of knowledge, everyone knows that canned food also has good products, although there are good products for adults, for the baby. We are not very suggestive to eat canned food for a long time. For the baby, the canned foods commonly found in the market are: canned fruits, canned meat, and canned vegetables.

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Why not recommend your baby to eat more canned food?

The reason why cans can be stored for a long time is high temperature sterilization and vacuum sealing.

Although the high temperature can be sterilized, in addition to killing a part of the bacteria at high temperature, some vitamins that are afraid of heat will be lost, and the baby can not absorb some vitamins, so it is not recommended for the baby to eat canned food.