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Who Invented Canned Foods
- Aug 29, 2018 -

In our daily life, in order to prolong the preservation period of food, humans have come up with many ways, such as smoking, sun exposure, salting, etc. for thousands of years. The tanking technology is the youngest.

The inventor of the tanking technology was the Frenchman Nichols Apppert. In 1795, the French government paid a large reward for the method of military food preservation for the needs of war. Nichols Apppert succeeded in the study in 1804. His method of preservation is to put the meat and soybeans into the jar, and then gently stuff the cork (to ensure that the gas can enter the jar freely) and heat it in a hot water bath. The food in the altar is boiled for 30-60 min. Plug the soft plug tightly and seal with wax. Nichols Apppert presented his invention to the then Napoleonic government in 1809 and received a prize of 12,000 francs. In 1810, Nichols Apppert wrote and published the book The Permanent Preservation of Animals and Plants, which outlines the basic methods of canning – venting, sealing and sterilization. Then in 1810, Peter Durand of the United Kingdom invented tinned sheet metal cans to allow canned food to be produced by hand. In 1812, Nichols Apppert officially opened a cannery, named "Apel House", the world's first cannery. In 1864, Louis Paster first explained that the real cause of food loss is due to the role of microorganisms, thus explaining the mechanism of the tank. In 1873, Louis Paster proposed the theory of heat sterilization. Since then, canned foods have been continuously developed and improved, and gradually entered the processing of modern food industry.