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When Was Canned Fruit Invented?
- Nov 13, 2018 -

Sweet canned fruit is not just for children to eat, even adults also have a soft spot for it. It was a great thing to feel that I could eat a can of canned fruit when I was a child. After all, the overall economy was not developed at present, and the environment of almost every household was basically the same. At that time, canned fruit was generally only available during the Chinese New Year. Now that the economy has gradually improved, slowly fewer and fewer people will eat canned fruit. Why? Probably because it is more convenient to buy fresh fruit now, and the price is not very high. Under the same conditions, people will of course choose fresh fruit. After all, fresh fruit has higher nutritional value than canned fruit, and more fresh.

canned fruit

Why are there so few people who can eat canned fruit, or are there so many people selling it? After a long look at the earliest emergence in history when the most developed maritime trade, most people will take maritime trade as the main economic activity. Marine living environment is not suitable for storage of fruits and vegetables, so the crew often do not eat fruits or vegetables, a long time many crew appear "scurvy", serious time may threaten the safety of crew.

So in order to find a solution, France issued information all over the country to find the most suitable solution, and proposed that if the method provided can effectively solve this problem, it can be awarded 12,000 francs by Napoleon's government as a reward. As soon as the news came out, people all over the country began to look for a cure for scurvy, which was finally solved by a French worker.

The worker's name is Appel, because "scurvy" is caused by lack of vitamins, which mainly come from vegetables and fruits, and the environment in Shanghai is not suitable for the preservation of vegetables and fruits, so he proposes to put the food in a jar and seal it well and reheat it. This method is indeed effective in solving this problem. Since then, canned fruits began to flow into countries around the world as commodities.

Canned fruits, once popular all over the world, are now fewer and fewer people. It seems that people have a misunderstanding about canned fruits. Many people think that canned fruit is made from broken fruit. As a food in circulation with the world, no manufacturer is willing to withstand this risk. In addition, the review of international trade is very strict, and a non-conformity will not flow out of the market.

There is another saying that there are many preservatives in it. Canned fruits are sealed and heated to kill the bacteria in the bottle. Then the bottle is sealed to prevent the outside bacteria from entering.

In the past, the fruit in canned fruits was grain by grain. Because people have misunderstood it more and more these years, the manufacturer has changed the way of cutting large fruits and putting small fruits in whole grain to relieve people's worries. As for preservatives, as long as you buy canned fruits, don't be greedy and cheap to choose products without qualified labels. We are a professional food manufacturer. We have been certified by ISO22000, BRC, HACCP, BRC. FDA Registration, KOSHER and so on. You can safely buy them.