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What Are The Healthiest Canned Fruits?
- Aug 06, 2018 -

In the hot summer, if you can bring a can of cold fruit cans to relieve the heat, it is definitely a very good thing. However, before eating, some people often do not pay attention to it and easily lead to food poisoning. So what are the precautions and preservation methods for buying cans?

◆Buy canned fruit should pay attention to product packaging and observe product form

Since canned foods are packed in metal packaging, glass packaging, flexible packaging, etc., normal metal cans should be intact, not deformed, not damaged, no rust, and the bottom cover is concave; the center of the metal lid of the glass can should be slightly Sink down, through the bottle to see its contents should be complete, clear soup, no impurities. Otherwise, it is not suitable for purchase.

◆Method for preserving canned fruit cans after canning

Canned fruits are rich in nutrients. Microorganisms are easy to grow and grow. After the cans are opened, the flesh and soup in the cans are in contact with the air. It is easily contaminated by microorganisms in the air. If you can't finish it, you can't properly store the remaining cans. It can cause the proliferation of microorganisms and cause the cans to deteriorate.

Once the canned fruits and vegetables are opened, if the cans are made of tinplate material, the tinplate will be easily oxidized after encountering air, which will destroy the vitamin C in the food. If it is not placed in the refrigerator, the remaining cans may deteriorate due to microbial contamination. It is dangerous to eat such meat or canned foods. Therefore, once the canned meat or fruit and vegetable can be opened, if the food can not be eaten at one time, the remaining canned food should be poured into an enamel, ceramic or plastic food container, sealed with plastic wrap, or stored in the refrigerator, but still need Eat as soon as possible.

Sugar cans and jams can not be eaten at a time, you should cover the cans or pour them into other containers, seal them with plastic wrap, and eat them in 2~3 days (you can store them for a few more days in autumn and winter). Such canned sugars are generally 40% to 65%, have antiseptic effect and are not easy to deteriorate. When the cans are preserved, the cans can be covered and ensured to be sealed as much as possible, or poured into other containers with lids and stored in the freezer of the refrigerator, but it is not suitable for long periods of time.