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What Are Canned Fruits
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Canned fruit refers to canned food made from fresh fruit or frozen or pre-canned fruit as the main raw material. According to different processing methods, it can be divided into canned water, syrup, jam, jelly, juice and so on.

Sugar cans and syrups can only use sugar liquid prepared from white sugar as canning soup. At present, the standard of canned sugar in China generally stipulates that the concentration of sugar water is 14%-18%, and the concentration of high concentration sugar is over 22%. Because there are fewer people eating high-sugar water concentration products in China, the concentration of sugar products seen in China's market is mostly 14%-18%. In recent years, the food additive industry has developed rapidly, especially the application of food sweeteners in foods. Some enterprises have replaced or completely replaced white sugar with food sweeteners, which caters to people's low-sugar and sugar-free foods. The demand has appropriately reduced the cost of the product. Therefore, when consumers choose canned foods, they should carefully read the labels and choose the right products according to their needs.


For jams, juice cans, jam cans are sauce-like or cake-like jam products processed by the canning process. Generally, the soluble solids are above 65% (by 20 °C refractometer) without preservatives, but Commercial sterility requirements, such as citrus sauce, strawberry jam, canned peach sauce, etc., must be achieved. The shelf life is generally two years. Juice canned food is a fruit juice product processed by the canning process. It does not contain preservatives, but must meet commercial sterility requirements, such as orange juice, pineapple juice, coconut juice, canned almond milk, etc. The shelf life is generally not less than one year. . When consumers choose this type of product, they can judge whether it is canned food by reading whether the label ingredient list contains preservatives or inquiring about product standards (execution standards).