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How To Buy Canned Fruit
- Jul 28, 2018 -

Consumers should pay attention to the following points when buying and eating canned fruits.

1. When buying a canned fruit, first observe whether the package is clean and clean, and the handwriting is clear. Next, we should determine whether the product is in the shelf life, whether the name of the enterprise, the site, the ingredient list, the net content, the solid content, the standard number, the quality grade and so on are marked in the shelf life.

2. For the products packed in glass bottles, we can observe whether the contents are complete or not. It is also necessary to see that the color of fruit should not be browned. When choosing products packed in metal cans, do not purchase rust or other phenomena caused by corrosion.

3, do not buy products that have changed shape. When the canned fruit is contaminated by microorganism and loses its edible value, it often produces a fat hearing phenomenon, that is, the volume of the outer package of the product is increased by the naked eye. In the course of transportation, the products of metal cans are affected by objects and often appear to be trapped in the outer wall. The air is very easy to enter, causing the content to be rancidity and deterioration, and the products of the above situation are not eaten.

4, when buying canned fruits, we should distinguish canned sugar and canned syrup. Sugar water canned sugar concentration is generally around 15%, which is more suitable for direct consumption. Sugar syrup can have high sugar concentration, more than 65%, only suitable for food processing. So when consumers buy, they should see the concentration of sugar in the food labels, differentiate them, and then buy them.