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How Canned Mandarin Oranges Are Made
- Jul 28, 2018 -

The first step; put the orange in hot water at 90~95 °C, blanching for 45~60 seconds, then quickly remove it and heat it. When peeling, the skin is first torn at the top of the fruit, and then split into two halves. Peel the flesh from the skin and use both hands to make it light. Do not pinch the ends of the cap.

The second step: peeling off the orange petals, one piece apart, be careful not to peel, you can first remove the obvious white meridian on the orange petals.

The third step: the separated orange petals can be immersed in a hydrochloric acid solution at a concentration of 0.25% at room temperature, and the time must be changed according to the change of the capsule after pickling, usually about 30 to 50 minutes. The pickling action dissolves the pectin material between the capsule and the juice cell, causing it to swell and separate, and is immersed until the capsule wrinkles and begins to separate from the juice cell. After taking out, it was rinsed with water, rinsed 5 times, and then immersed in a sodium hydroxide solution having a concentration of 0.75% at room temperature, and immersed for about 5 minutes or less. The role of the soaking alkali is to dissolve and exfoliate the capsule. If the concentration of the alkali to be immersed is too large or too long, the juice cell wall can also be dissolved, but the juice is broken and the caplet is broken. After soaking the alkali, rinse with water, also 5 times, and rinse the residual lye. The concentration of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide in the experiment is very low, and after repeated washing, it can be used with confidence.

canned mandarin oranges

The fourth step: after the capsule is removed from the capsule, it is rinsed, then rinsed, the deformed and broken capsules are picked, the seeds of a few capsules are extracted, and the pulp is placed in an ordinary empty can.

Step 5: After the preparation of the sugar liquid, the sugar liquid is now ready for use. Generally, the concentration of sugar cans is about 12-16%, and the concentration of cans is 25%.

Step 6: Add the prepared sugar solution to the glass bottle containing the pulp, put the bottle cap, but do not tighten it, put it in the watering pot, boil for 10 minutes, remove the bottle, and tighten the cap to be cooled. Can also be refrigerated.