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Canned Peaches
- May 08, 2018 -

1. Wash the selected peach and control the moisture

2. Remove the peach kernel, use a knife to cut in half, open it with two hands, and use a small spoon to dig out the peach kernel.

3. Peel the peeled kernel and scrape it off with a peeler

4. To peel, go to the core of the peach, a peach and a half, rinse again with water,

5. Boil water, and open the water and put the treated peach into the wok. The amount of water and peach should be appropriate.

6. Put the sugar in the bottle, a small amount of 4 tsp sugar and a small amount of rock sugar, according to your taste, sweetness,

7. Peach into the pot, boiled and can be loaded into the bottle,

8. Do not install too full, leave a little distance, tighten the lid, place it upside down, after the cold, the lid will naturally swell and shrink.

9. After cooling, place the bottle in a cool place. Although you can eat it, it's better to eat it after a few days. It can also be kept long.