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Can Babies Have Canned Fruit
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Many people in China have a prejudice against canned fruit, and think that canned fruit can be lost nutrients, not fresh, flavors, colors, preservatives, but these are only small workshop patents, regular manufacturers canned foods do not even use common sweeteners, more Strictly guarantee the authenticity of canned food.

When giving your baby canned fruit, you should choose good canned fruit. What is good canned fruit?

1. Good canned fruit nutrition will not be lost.

Some of the nutrients in good canned foods are higher than those in foods made according to the daily cooking methods: the sterilization process has little effect on the protein, minerals and other nutrients in fish, and it also makes the fish bones become crisp Softens, dissolves a lot of calcium; Similarly, the sterilization process does not lose vitamin K in vegetables, but also makes many nutrients become easily absorbed by the body, such as lycopene, which is twice as high in canned tomatoes than fresh tomatoes. .

2. The ingredients used for good canned foods are fresh.

The production of canned fruit will select the freshest ingredients in the most suitable season in order to pursue lower costs and better taste. Moreover, regular canned fruit manufacturers have their own raw material bases and have strict control over chemical fertilizers, pesticides, etc., which can fully guarantee the quality of raw materials. Canned fruit products will not exceed 6 from the field to the factory, from fresh raw materials to finished products. Hours of time, the sterilization process can promptly stop the chemical reaction of the food, so that the nutrients of the food are fully preserved in the fresh state.

3. No good canned fruit will add flavors, colors, preservatives.

Canned fruit paste is widely used in the pasteurization process, strictly sterilized, and can achieve true sterility. In addition, the common canned tinplate packaging on the market is a completely sealed package, which can make the sterilized food in a vacuum state, block the entrance of external contamination, prevent the bacteria from breeding again, and will not be degraded if stored under normal temperature conditions. . Therefore, canned foods do not need to add antiseptic!

Moreover, the sales of canned fruits in China are mainly exported, and the harsh requirements of individual countries in food additives have also fostered the good habits of canned food manufacturers in China. Therefore, canned foods produced by regular manufacturers are not even used as common sweeteners. The authentic taste of canned food.