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Mushroom medicinal value
- May 08, 2018 -

Mushrooms are also rich in dietary fiber. Regular consumption reduces cholesterol in the blood, prevents atherosclerosis, and is effective in preventing cerebral hemorrhage, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. In recent years, American scientists have discovered that shiitake mushrooms contain a “beta-glucosidase”. Experiments have shown that this substance has a significant role in strengthening the body's anti-cancer effect. Therefore, people call the shiitake mushrooms “anti-cancer recruits”. Mushrooms are also resistant to the cold virus, because mushrooms contain an interferon inducer, can induce the production of interferon in the body, interfere with the synthesis of viral proteins, so that it can not reproduce, so that the body produces immune function.

The aroma components are mainly lentinone produced by decomposition of lentinan acids. Therefore, mushrooms are important foods for human consumption, medicinal fungi and seasonings. The umami component of shiitake mushrooms is a type of water-soluble substance, and its main components are nucleic acid components such as 5′-guanylic acid, 5′-AMP, and 5′-UMP, all containing about 0.1%. Its aroma components are mainly shiitake mushrooms that are decomposed by mushrooms.

Mushrooms contain an anti-tumor component with a molecular weight of 1 million. ----- lentinan, contains a lipid-lowering ingredient ----- shiitake mushroom too raw, adenine and adenine derivatives of mushrooms, mushrooms also contain anti-virus Ingredient----interferon inducer ----double-stranded RNA is one of the rare health foods. Mushrooms contain very high levels of unsaturated fatty acids, and also contain a large amount of ergosterol and sterols that can be converted to vitamin D, which has a good effect on enhancing disease resistance and preventing colds and treatment.

Regular consumption is good for preventing rickets caused by blood phosphorus and calcium metabolism caused by lack of vitamin D, and can prevent various mucous membranes and dermatitis.

Lentins contained in shiitake mushroom can prevent arteriosclerosis and reduce blood pressure. Serum cholesterol-lowering components (C8H1104N5, C9H1103N5) are also isolated from shiitake mushrooms.

Mushroom ash contains a large amount of potassium salts and other mineral elements, and is considered as an ideal food to prevent acid food poisoning.

Among the carbohydrates in shiitake mushrooms, most of them are hemicelluloses. The main components are mannitol, trehalose and mycose, glucose, pentosan and methyl pentosan.

Mushrooms are cold, slightly bitter, and beneficial to the liver and stomach. Ancient Chinese scholars have long discovered that mushroom foods have the effect of improving brain cell function. Such as "Shen Nong's Materia Medica," there are records of bait bacteria can "increase wisdom", "puzzle". Modern medicine believes that the brain enhancement effect of mushrooms is rich in arginine and lysine.

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