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Lens morphological characteristics
- May 08, 2018 -

The fruiting bodies of mushrooms are solitary, clustered or clustered, and the fruiting bodies are medium to large in size. Cap diameter 5-12cm, sometimes up to 20cm, hemispherical when young, flattened to slightly flattened rear, surface rhombus, light brown, dark brown to deep cinnamon color, the middle often has dark scales, and the edges are often dirty White hairy or flocculent scales.

The flesh is white, slightly thick or thick, fine and scented. When rolled up, it has white or yellow-white fluff on its edges and disappears as it grows. There is a veil under the cap, which breaks down and forms an incomplete ring of bacteria. Old mature cover edge rewinding, cracking.

The pleats are white, dense, curved and unequal in length. Stipe is often partial, white, curved, 3-8cm long, 0.5-1.5 (2) cm thick, cilia-like scales below the sclerotium, fiber, internal solid. Fungal ring easily disappears, white. Spores are white. Spores were smooth, colorless, oval to oval, 4.5-7 x 3-4 μm, and sporulated. Binuclear mycelium has a lock-like association.